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"Brock Whalen is one of the hardest working and community aware members of tea party."

Bettie Millard, Penn Valley

"Brock has worked his way through the ranks of politics with grace and admirable ethics."

Phillis Jones, Penn Valley

I believe our county is full of hard-working and deserving citizens. My work in the parks Commission has  made sure our county strong and healthy. It is an honor to drive this initiative to get Glenn Beck to Nevada County.

Brock is Right


 You see what’s going on here is what’s going on in the rest of America. We don’t make anything anymore. Now you look at Boeing. Boeing’s going over to China. They’re going to build a massive plant because China’s demanding it to order airplanes from Boeing. Same is true here in Penn Valley. We don’t contribute anything to the county. I’m going to change that. The Mexicans are coming here to Nevada County. Now, we’ve been able to keep them out of our gated communities, but they’re infesting the rest of the county with their drugs and their crime. They’re growing marijuana in our forests and killing people. It’s time to make Penn Valley the beacon of hope. Make it great again.